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Transferring bus plates

Red tape issue

Bus companies report that it is hard to transfer plates after selling a bus because when they go into the local VicRoads office, customer service representatives don’t understand the specific rules for accredited bus operators. Accredited bus operators are allowed to transfer bus operator plates from an older vehicle to new vehicles – this is intended to help bus operators to run modern buses with existing accredited plates under their name. 

Businesses indicate that VicRoads is very good with the requirements for transferring number plates for a car. However, bus rules are outlined in legislation across three different agencies. Bus companies who are well versed in the requirements report that when they’ve sold a bus they often need to educate VicRoads customer service representatives about these rules. Businesses report waiting in VicRoads while local VicRoads offices have discussions with the head office, each time they seek to transfer plates. Businesses consider that if clear guidance is published and circulated in plain English this would help to provide clarity on the requirements.

Current status

VicRoads currently provides business rules to its front line staff in relation to the disposal of a bus and the transfer of the plates to the new bus. Although VicRoads has not been made aware that there are any issues in relation to the processing of new bus registrations and the transfer of plates, the above comments are noted.  

In order to overcome these issues, VicRoads will undertake a review of the relevant rules to ensure the information is provided clearly and can be located quickly.  This will assist customer service staff in providing an improved level of service to accredited bus operators when registering new vehicles and transferring plates.  In addition, VicRoads will review its staff training in this area and ensure that the relevant rules are conveyed to staff clearly along with the information.

The review is expected to have been completed by mid-September.  In the interim, briefings will be provided to front line staff to reduce any issues whilst the review is undertaken. 

Reviewed 12/06/2018
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