Access the Construction Supplier Register

The Construction Supplier Register pre-qualifies building and construction industry consultants and contractors in a range of categories to meet the needs of Victorian Government Departments undertaking construction projects.

You can search the Construction Supplier Register by pre-qualification category or by name, however being listed should not be seen as an indicator that a consultant or contractor is suitable for use on any particular project.

Pre-qualification categories

At present the CSR maintains a number of pre-qualification categories including:

Pre-qualified Consultants

  • Architectural services
  • Project Management
  • Engineering services
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Rail Signalling consultants
  • Other specialist services

You can search for pre-qualified consultants by pre-qualification category or name using the link below.

Pre-qualified consultants

Pre-qualified Contractors

  • Commercial Builders
  • Residential Builders
  • Specialist Contractors
  • Rail Signalling Contractors
  • Rail Signalling Drafting Contractors

You can search for pre-qualified contractors by pre-qualification category or name usine the link below.

Pre-qualified Contractors

If a consultant or contractor name or category that you are looking for does not appear in the listings, please contact the Construction Supplier Register.

Reviewed 16/05/2018
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