A starter guide to financial management in government

We help Victorian Government departments and public sector entities meet their accounting and financial reporting obligations. 

Prepare your financial reports

Use the Financial Reporting Directions and guidance to apply Victorian Government accounting rules about daily transactions. 

Use the Model Report for Victorian Government departments to understand what you need to do to meet the latest reporting requirements in your annual report. 

Use the long service leave model to calculate your annual leave and long service leave liability. 

Use the Valuer-General building indices and Valuer-General land indices to determine property valuations for your financial report. 

Comply with DTF Information Requests

If you’re accessing this site from the Victorian Government network, you can login to access DTF Information Requests to find out about: 

  • the budget submission process 
  • key reporting dates 
  • business case templates
  • planning requirements
  • the information request calendar 
  • general guidance for reporting.

Comply with the Standing Directions

Use the Standing Directions 2018 under the Financial Management Act 1994 to find out more about how to disclose financial transactions. Government departments and agencies must comply with the directions.

Budgeting, reporting and planning frameworks

The Resource Management Framework serves to assist Victorian Government departments in understanding the legislative and policy framework for government and public sector planning, budgeting, service delivery, accountability and review.

Machinery of government changes

Machinery of government (MoG) changes occur when responsibilities are transferred between ministers and departments. Download the MoG operating manual to find out how to plan and implement MoG changes. 

Indexation of fees and fines

The Victorian Government automatically indexes certain fees and fines each year. This ensures their value is adjusted for inflation. The current value of a fee unit is $14.22. The current value of a penality unit is $158.57.  

Reviewed 22/06/2021
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