Infrastructure investment

The Department of Treasury and Finance assists Victorian Government departments and agencies, as well as the private sector, to develop, procure and deliver infrastructure projects.

Modernised infrastructure procurement framework for Victoria

The Government has reformed its whole of government framework for infrastructure procurement to support greater transparency and consistency in how infrastructure is procured and contracted.

The framework supports the preparation of business cases and procurement documentation.

A key change is the introduction of three broad categories of procurement:

  1. Whole of Life
  2. Lump Sum
  3. Cost Reimbursable.

Each of these categories features:

  • a procurement requirements document that outlines the mandatory government approval requirements and best practice expectations for infrastructure procurement
  • a set of defined procurement models, each with a standard form contract and accompanying guidance.

The full suite of policy, standard form contracts and accompanying guidance are being developed progressively across the three procurement categories and their respective procurement models.

For more information read the Framework Overview brochure summarising the key changes and visit Procurement Investment Lifecycle High Value High Risk Guidelines.

Updates across the broader Investment Lifecycle and High Value High Risk Guidelines suite of Stage 1 Business Case and Stage 3 Delivery documents will also be rolled out progressively.

Reviewed 19/10/2023
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