Partnerships Victoria procurement requirements

Partnerships Victoria standard deeds, guidance and tender templates.

Projects using the Partnerships Victoria procurement model must be delivered in accordance with the Partnerships Victoria Requirements and the Harmonised Public Private Partnership Deeds, guidance notes and templates.

Harmonised Public Private Partnerships Deeds and Guidance Notes

The following deeds, guidance notes and templates must be used by departments and agencies using a Partnerships Victoria procurement model.

Linear Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure

Partnerships Victoria tender templates

The following templates must be used by departments and agencies preparing tender documentation for a Partnership Victoria project. 

Partnerships Victoria contract management guide

The following guidance sets out the principles for effectively managing a Partnership Victoria project.

National PPP Policy and Guidelines

The National Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy and Guidelines were agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in November 2008.

Under this agreement the National PPP Working Group works co-operatively to improve the use of PPP projects by undertaking research and progressing PPP reform.

The National PPP Policy and Guidelines include:

  • National PPP Policy Framework
  • National PPP Guidelines Overview
  • Volume 1: Procurement Options Analysis
  • Volume 2: Practitioners’ Guide
  • Volume 3: Commercial Principles for Social Infrastructure
  • Volume 4: Public Sector Comparator Guidance
  • Volume 5: Discount Rate Methodology Guidance
  • Volume 6: Jurisdictional Requirements
  • Volume 7: Commercial Principles for Economic Infrastructure

See the National Guidelines for Infrastructure Project Delivery.

Reviewed 03/10/2023
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