Ballarat North Water Reclamation Project

The Ballarat North Water Reclamation Project is providing a wastewater treatment re-use facility for Ballarat that complies with Environment Protection Authority licence conditions.


Ballarat North Water Reclamation Project


<$50m capital cost


Service delivery commenced

Department or agency

Central Highlands Region Water Corporation, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action

Private sector partner

Veolia Water Services Pty Ltd (renamed from United Water International Pty Ltd)


On 22 May 2006, Central Highlands Water executed a contract for the Ballarat North Water Reclamation Project with United Water International.

This project seeks to implement a wastewater treatment re-use facility in order to comply with licence conditions set by the Environmental Protection Authority for the Ballarat North wastewater treatment plant.

The project requires United Water International to design, build, and operate the facility. The contract is for a 15-year period post commissioning with an optional 5-year extension. The project involves United Water International undertaking:

  • the design and construction of upgrade works required to produce tertiary treated effluent to reclaimed water standards
  • the operation, maintenance and management of the wastewater treatment plant
  • the treatment and disposal of biosolids in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines
  • if requested by Central Highlands Water in the future, the design, construction and maintenance of modifications to produce higher quality standards of reclaimed water for reuse customers.

The facility was completed in 2008 and is capable of treating 8.4 megalitres of wastewater per day, while improving the quality of treated water discharged to the environment.

The performance of Veolia Water Services Pty Ltd was evaluated by the State over the original 15-year contract term. In consideration of excellent performance of the facility the State extended the contract for five years in 2023, taking the contract expiry to May 2028.

Contact information

Simon Cornwell
Manager, Commercial and Business Development
Phone: 03 5320 3108

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