Lump Sum procurement category

Lump Sum procurement leverages the benefits of competition at contract award, providing price certainty which can generate innovative design concepts, more efficient construction methodologies and cost savings.


Lump Sum projects must be delivered in accordance with Lump Sum Procurement Requirements and associated contracts, guidance and templates.

The Lump Sum Procurement Requirements provides further information on implementing its specific procurement models.

Lump Sum Procurement Requirements - currently in development.

Lump Sum procurement models

The three lump sum procurement models are:

  1. Construct Only is a model with sequential design and construction, where the delivery agency is responsible for design work and the contractor is responsible for construction in accordance with the detailed design specification.
  2. Design and Construct (D&C) is a model where the delivery agency engages a single contractor to perform the detailed design and construction.
  3. Enhanced Design and Construct (EDC) is a model based on the traditional D&C model, with the addition of targeted risk sharing elements to respond to specific risks, such as contamination and utilities. The EDC model allows for most of the project to be competitively priced at contract award.

Supporting deeds and guidance notes


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Public Construction Practitioners Toolkit

Visit the Practitioners Toolkit for information about the Ministerial Directions, Instructions for public construction procurement and Victorian Public Construction Contracts.

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