2023-24 State Capital Program

Budget Paper No. 4: State Capital Program, describes the Victorian Government's asset investment program.

It provides an overview of the investments that departments and government-controlled entities will deliver in the coming financial year. It also includes capital programs and projects currently under way or in progress, and lists projects expected to be completed in the coming year.

2023-24 State Budget - State Capital Program (PDF, 2.2 MB)

2023-24 State Budget - State Capital Program (DOC, 580 KB)

Capital Investment Dashboard

The Capital Investment Dashboard gives an overview of major capital projects in Victoria, as reported in Budget Paper 4: State Capital Program (BP4) from 2015-16 to 2023-24. Data is not included from 2020-21, as BP4 was not published that year. 

View the Capital Investment Dashboard.

Reviewed 24/05/2023
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