Our values

We strive for excellence in financial and economic management to improve the lives of all Victorians. We value our people and motivate them to lead, influence, collaborate and innovate.

We are influential

  • We demonstrate leadership in our work.
  • We negotiate effectively to get the best outcome for Victorians.

We are responsive

  • We give timely, robust and impartial advice and services to stakeholders.
  • We are proactive and solution focused, seeking opportunities to resolve issues and risks.

We are accountable

  • We behave ethically, transparently and with integrity.
  • We take responsibility for our work, decisions and actions.
  • We work efficiently to achieve value-for-money outcomes.

We are collaborative

  • We engage flexibly and constructively with our colleagues and stakeholders.
  • We work together as a team, speaking with one voice.

We are respectful

  • We treat others fairly and inclusively.
  • We cultivate a positive work environment and understand others’ priorities and pressures.

We are creative

  • We foster innovative thinking to create opportunities and solve challenges.
  • We value and encourage diverse views and ideas.
Reviewed 13/07/2018
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