Metropolitan Mobile Radio

The Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) project replaced the analogue radio system used by Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board with a state of the art digital radio system.

Project name

Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR)


Service delivery commenced

Department or agency

Delivery of this project was initially managed by the Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications (BEST) within the then Department of Justice.

The contract in its service delivery phase is now managed by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority as an agent for the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Private sector partner

Motorola Solutions Australia Pty Ltd


The Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) network is the State’s dedicated emergency services secure digital radio network providing mission-critical digital voice services across metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong.

The network is used by Victoria Police, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), Ambulance Victoria (AV) and the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA). Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) and Corrections Victoria will be transitioning onto MMR during 2018.

The MMR Service Agreement (MMRSA) was originally signed between the State and Motorola Solutions in 2004 for Motorola to design, build and provide support and maintenance services to the network and radio devices.

As part of the State’s Emergency Management Operational Communications Program, the MMRSA has now been extended by a further seven years to 7 July 2025, with the option to extend one or more times up to a total of five years to 7 July 2030.

The contract extension provides for various system and operational enhancements, including network upgrades and a complete radio terminal refresh program for the user agencies.

The MMR network provides:

  • enhanced security of communications through digital encryption facilities;
  • high quality digital voice and narrowband data transmission capability;
  • sufficient channel capacity and flexibility to manage the security and emergency response to major events;
  • interoperability between emergency service organisations and common co-ordination channels to support a multi-agency response to major incidents; and
  • statewide roaming capability between MMR and the State’s Regional Mobile Radio network.

Contact information

Jim Strilakos
Contract Manager
Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
Phone: 03 8656 1204

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