Graduate Program

Our graduate program offers the opportunity to work on leading edge public policy and shape the long-term economic outlook of the state. 

If you’re in your final year of your degree or have already graduated, you can apply to be a graduate at DTF through the Victorian Public Service Graduate Recruitment and Development Scheme (VPS GRADS).  

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, we welcome applications through the Aboriginal Pathways program.

Applications for the VPS GRADS program usually open in March and close in early April each year. 

DTF recruits both Accounting and Finance, and Economist graduates, as well as graduates from the Generalist stream of the program. 

Accounting and Finance

The accounting and finance stream is open to graduates with a major in accounting or finance.

VPS accountants work across a wide range of areas across government including:

  • budget and fiscal strategy;
  • public sector policy development and program delivery;
  • financial reporting (both management and statutory); and
  • commercial and major infrastructure project management and delivery.

More information about the accounting and finance stream is available in our brochure:


DTF recruits economist graduates that have majored in economics or econometrics. 

Economists at DTF provide economic analysis and insight across a variety of areas including:

•    economic and taxation policy;
•    forecasting macroeconomic variables, service demand and State revenue;
•    infrastructure and public service delivery;
•    regulation, and
•    social policy.

More information about the economist stream is available in our brochure:

Any questions can be directed to


DTF recruits generalist graduates to various roles within the department. 

Our generalist graduates have backgrounds in law, IT, HR, corporate planning, engineering and public policy.  

Meet our 2019 grads!

DTF welcomes its 2019 graduates. Nineteen graduates start a 12-month rotation across the Victorian Government in roles as diverse as macroeconomic strategy, revenue forecasting, infrastructure policy, and legal services.

2019 Graduates groups
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