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Treasurer – Tim Pallas MP

Tim Pallas MP commenced as Treasurer of Victoria in December 2014.

The Treasurer is the minister with oversight of government revenue and expenditure, including:

  • preparing and delivering the annual State Budget
  • promoting economic growth across the State of Victoria
  • promoting and encouraging investment opportunities in Victoria from interstate and abroad
  • developing the fiscal objectives and strategy for the State of Victoria
  • overseeing the economic policy and economic strategy of the Government
  • driving wages policy, which operates in conjunction with the industrial relations policies as developed and administered by the Industrial Relations Minister
  • overseeing the planning and delivery of major infrastructure projects undertaken across government
  • administering the Market‑led Proposals Guideline, which provides the State with the means to access new and innovative ideas from the private sector
  • revenue policy and collection for the State of Victoria, including stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax
  • borrowing, investment and financial arrangements to hedge, protect and manage the State’s financial interests
  • providing investment and fund management services to the State and its statutory authorities.

Assistant Treasurer, Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC - The Hon. Danny Pearson MP

The Hon. Danny Pearson MP commenced as Assistant Treasurer in June 2020. Mr Pearson is also the Minister for WorkSafe and the TAC.

The Minister’s primary responsibilities are:

  • the State’s financial reporting and accountability framework
  • whole of Victorian Government financial management and risk management frameworks
  • overseeing superannuation policy for the State and oversight of the Emergency Services Superannuation Scheme
  • the Essential Services Commission, the independent economic regulator of the State’s essential services
  • the Registrar of housing agencies, who regulates Victoria’s registered community housing agencies.
Reviewed 05/06/2023
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