Facilitator guidance and templates

This section provides information to assist people aspiring to become accredited facilitators and to help those who are accredited to keep abreast of current best practices.

DTF strongly advises Victorian Government agencies to use accredited facilitators to conduct IMS workshops.  

How to become an accredited facilitator

The process of becoming an accredited facilitator aims to test a person's understanding of the theory behind the standard and the way they apply it as a facilitator. Further information on the IMS facilitator training and accreditation process can be found on the Investment management facilitator training and accreditation page.

Facilitator reference guides

This series of facilitator reference guides provide practical tips and guidance to successfully facilitate workshops and prepare the relevant materials consistent with the Investment Management Standard 2017.


Templates for IMS outputs, including the Investment Logic Map, Benefits Management Plan, Response Options Analysis Report and Investment Concept Brief, are contained here. They have been developed to assist IMS accredited facilitators

The Investment Logic Map – Initiative is for single investments

The Investment Logic Map – Program is for a program of new investments

Examples are currently under development and will be published shortly.

The Investment Logic Map – Organisational is for single investments

Examples are currently under development and will be published shortly.

Benefit Management Plan

Response Options Analysis Report

Please note that the Response Options Analysis Template was updated in June 2020 to correct an issue with the embedded macros that had become apparent as a result of upgrades to Microsoft Word. Please contact the Investment Management team at investmentmanagement@dtf.vic.gov.au if you experience any further issues with this report.

Investment Concept Brief

2017 IMS refresh training 

IMS facilitator training was held on Tuesday 29 May 2017. Presentation materials are available below. 

The following video provides a summary of the facilitator training. Please use this in conjunction with the other materials provided on this page. 

First speaker: Rae Fankhauser

  • Welcome and context (00:00:32)
  • Practice change - Considering uncertainty (00:17:26)
  • Practice change - Problem definition workshop (00:39:38)
  • Practice change - Benefit definition workshop (00:54:57)
  • Practice change - Response options workshop (00:58:47)
  • Practice change - Solution definition workshop (01:07:09)

Second speaker: Eldar Salkovic

  • Accreditation (01:14:23)
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