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Request for Proposal (RFP)

The 2021-22 Victorian Budget announced funding for a fifth Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage (PAD) initiative.

The focus of this new PAD is on people exiting an adult correctional facility at risk of homelessness, and those who have previously exited an adult correctional facility in the past two years that have contacted homelessness services or are homeless.

Government is now seeking proposals on this new PAD initiative. The purpose of the RFP is to select the best partners to work with Government to develop the new PAD.

Details on the Request for Proposal and how to apply can be found on the Buying for Victoria website.

The Request for Proposal will be open for responses until 10am on Monday 28 February 2022.

For questions related to the Request for Proposal or accessing information on the Buying for Victoria website, please contact us by email:

Market sounding

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) undertook a market sounding exercise from 4 - 22 November 2021. A key component of this market sounding was to seek feedback on our Statement of Intent document that outlined the scope, funding and timing associated with the new PAD announced as part of the 202-21 State Budget. 

The Market Sounding process has closed. Thank you to those who participated in the market sounding.

Participation in the market sounding process was completely voluntary and will not inform the evaluation of proposals. Further, no payment will be provided or able to be included in any future bid cost reimbursement from the State.

A summary of the updates made since the Statement of Intent document, and the response to key themes raised in the market sounding phase, can be found below:

Further information provided during the market sounding information sessions can be found below. This is historical contextual information only and the documentations provided in the market sounding phase have been superseded by the information available on the Buying for Victoria website. If you are interested in submitting an Offer for Government consideration, you should refer to the information contained in the Buying for Victoria website.

You can also view the presentation slides from the information sessions:

If you would like to join our mailing list and receive further updates relating to the PADs initiative, please email

Reflections on the PADs experience

Four innovative and evidence-based programs are currently being implemented in Victoria. Watch this short video below to gain an insight into provider reflections on the PADs experience.

This video includes representatives from Journey to Social Inclusion, COMPASS, Living Learning and Side by Side Social Impact Bonds and Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage. Representatives participated voluntarily and were not paid.

Reviewed 15/12/2021
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