Current partnership Opportunities

The Victorian Government is seeking partners to help develop and implement interventions that tackle entrenched disadvantage.

Proposals will be sought to develop programs that improve education and engagement outcomes for:

  • vulnerable children aged 5–14 (or school years 1–10); and
  • disengaged youth aged 15–25 (youth who have left school early and are not engaged in training or in the labour force, and who are located within a geographic area associated with social and economic disadvantage).

To assist organisations and consortia on developing a response to the Request for Proposal (RFP), the Victorian Government will be holding two specialist workshops on Tuesday 31 July 2018 and Thursday 2 August 2018.

The workshops will provide further support and guidance on core elements of responding to the Request for Proposal, including the basic elements of financial modelling.

You can register to attend either workshop below.

Identical content will be covered in each.

A formal Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued on 16 July 2018 for two new programs to be implemented in 2019. This RFP can be accessed via the TendersVic website. Responses to the RFP are due no later than 10am AEST Monday 10 September 2018. 

The RFP continues to be the key document for developing a proposal:

  • nothing in these workshops is intended to limit responses
  • each proposal is unique and the information presented may not be the optimal approach for all proposals.

For those unable to attend either workshop, please email the PADs team at who can provide you with an information pack relating to the session content.

The Victorian Government undertook market sounding between 29 June and 13 July 2018.

In this period, two identical information sessions were held, which involved a general presentation on the Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage (PADs) initiative, followed by a presentation on Data and Evidence. There was then an opportunity to ask questions. 

Resources from the sessions are provided below:

The policy areas of interest are detailed further in the Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage Statement of Intent.

An overview of the process

There are five key stages for Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage (PADs).

Market sounding

  • Feedback from the market sought on the preferred policy areas for the new partnerships and interest in participating.

The purpose of the Statement of Intent is to seek feedback from the market on interest in partnerships relating to the two preferred policy areas.

Specifically, the Government is seeking views from the sector on barriers to participation and issues of uncertainty or ambiguity, and may reflect this feedback in the final RFP documentation.

The market sounding process will not inform proposal evaluation.

Request for Proposals

  • Interested parties submit proposals

It is expected that government will work with partners identified through this Request for Proposal (RFP) in 2018 and for the two new programs to be implemented in 2019.

Applicants should be aware of the impact of the 2018 Victorian State election on this initiative, as discussed in Section 3.4 of the Statement of Intent.


  • Government evaluates the proposals against the key selection criteria.

Once the RFP has closed, Government will evaluate the proposals submitted against the key selection criteria.

During this stage, the Government may seek clarification or further information from respondents regarding their proposals.

Once the formal evaluation is complete and the successful consortia announced, the Government and the preferred proponents will proceed to the Joint Development Phase (JDP).

Joint Development Phase

  • Successful parties negotiate a detailed partnership proposal to be considered by Government.

The JDP will allow the successful parties and the Government to work together and negotiate the detailed proposal underpinning the PADs.

The proposal will proceed if it can be demonstrated to achieve positive outcomes for individuals participating in the intervention and value for money for government.


  • Successful parties negotiate a detailed partnership proposal to be considered by Government.

After the JDP has concluded and the final partnership arrangements and interventions publicly announced, the negotiated PADs are able to be implemented and program service delivery formally commence.

Updates on the current round of partnerships

There are currently no updates for the current round of partnerships.

If you would like to join our mailing list and receive updates relating to the PADs initiative, please email

Probity advisor

A probity advisor has been appointed for the PADs initiative. The probity advisor’s details are provided below.

Contact name: Rory O’Connor
Organisation: O’Connor Marsden & Associates Pty Ltd
Telephone: 1300 882 633
Mobile: 0416 107 627

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