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Market-led proposals provide a pathway for the private sector to propose investments for Government to consider.


Market-led Proposals Guideline
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Market-led Proposals Guideline

The Market-led Proposals Guideline (guideline) defines a market-led proposal as one made by the private sector to government to build infrastructure and/or provide services. It originates within the private sector and involves proponents developing a project or service specification and then approaching Government for approval and support of the proposal.

While market-led proposals are covered under this guideline and are therefore separate from other government procurement practices, there are many complementary principles from the Government’s Investment Lifecycle and High Value High Risk (HVHR) Guidelines and procurement practices that are relevant to these proposals.

The guideline was released in February 2015 and has had several subsequent updates with the most recent update published in August 2021.

2021 updates

The 2021 guideline has been restructured to reduce assessment timeframes, improve the quality of proposals and ensure proposals deliver the best value for Victorians. This has been achieved by reducing the number of assessment stages from five to three, streamlining the assessment criteria and improving governance and approval processes.

Another important change has been to revise the uniqueness criterion to avoid confusion around the meaning of the term unique. The updated criterion requires a justification for exclusive negotiation, including a clear demonstration why Government should partner with the proponent to deliver the proposal.

The separate process for assessing innovative ideas, which are ideas that have not been fully developed into a commercial proposition, has also been incorporated into the assessment process for proposals. Under this change, government will still be able to negotiate the purchase of intellectual property on a case-by-case basis where it represents value-for-money.

Other investment opportunities

Market-led proposals are one of a range of options for proponents to interact with the Government and are not intended to replace existing budget processes or planned competitive processes. There are also funds available to further promote business development and investment in Victoria. Further details can be found at:


To request a pre-submission meeting, submit a proposal or make enquiries regarding the market-led proposals process, please contact:

Market-led Proposals Secretariat
Commercial Division
Department of Treasury and Finance
Level 5 / 1 Treasury Place
Melbourne VIC 3002

Reviewed 14/09/2023
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