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Our structure

We have four divisions: the Economic Division, Corporate and Government Services Division, Budget and Finance Division and Commercial Division.

In addition, the Office of the Secretary supports the Secretary and provides a projects taskforce to meet critical work priorities and projects.

Organisational chart

Department of Treasury and Finance's organisation chart shows the structure of the organisation and the responsibilities of each division.

Economic Division


Advises on macroeconomic conditions and policy; energy, resources and environmental policy; and regulation, planning and local government reform, to improve Victoria’s prosperity.


Provides analysis and advice to government on tax policy, intergovernmental financial relations, revenue forecasting and gambling policy.

Social Policy

Provides analysis and policy advice on education and training, health, housing, community services, transport, insurance, whole of government occupational health and safety matters and risk; and responsible for leading the Government’s pilot program for Social Impact Bonds in cooperation with other departments.

Strategy and Reform

Provides rigorous analysis and policy advice on Victoria's economic strategy, whole of Victorian government risk, education and justice, and transport and industry transition. The group also focuses on the regulation and delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Corporate and Government Services Division

Corporate Finance

Provides corporate financial services to DTF and DPC and their agencies, including statutory and external reporting, management reporting, budgeting, asset management and management of various trusts.

Legal Services

Provides advice on the spectrum of legal issues faced by our Ministers, Secretary and Department officials, and assists with preparing legislation across the Department.

Corporate Delivery Services

Provides corporate services to the Department, including planning and executive services, human resources, information and technology services, and operational services.

Shared Service Provider

Delivers strategic, efficient, relevant and effective accommodation management, car pool and library services to all Victorian Government departments and agencies.

Strategic Sourcing

Provides whole of government procurement and strategic sourcing solutions to achieve best value for the Victorian Government; procurement policy leadership through the Secretariat of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board; and management of the Standard Motor Vehicle policy, VicFleet operations and the finance lease facility for government departments and agencies.

Strategic Communications

Provides issues management and strategic communications advice and services to effectively plan and implement projects and programs.

Budget and Finance Division

Financial Reporting

Responsible for delivering sound financial advice and robust, transparent whole of government financial publications to positively influence the management of the State’s financial resources.

Budget Strategy

Supports sound financial management in Victoria by providing advice on the State’s short to medium‑term budget outlook and fiscal strategy, its financial and resource management frameworks and public sector industrial relations.

Portfolio Analysis

Provides advice on resource allocation across portfolios, financial risk and government service performance; and promotes sound financial management of the State’s fiscal resources throughout the Victorian public sector.

Commercial Division

Financial Assets and Liabilities

Advises and reports on the State’s financial assets and liabilities and associated financial risks, including the State’s investments, debts, superannuation and insurance claims liabilities. The group also includes the Housing Registrar unit, which regulates the not‑for‑profit, non‑government housing sector.

Infrastructure Policy and Assurance

Develops infrastructure policy frameworks and advises the Government on investment decisions and project assurance issues to improve how the public sector manages assets and develops and procures infrastructure.

Infrastructure Delivery

Provides commercial, financial and risk management advice to government and guidance to departments regarding Partnerships Victoria projects and market‑led proposals to access new and innovative ideas from the private sector. Infrastructure Contracting also provides advice on the planning and management of major commercial activities on behalf of the Government.

Shareholder Advisory Services

Provides advice on a range of commercial and transactional activities on behalf of government, including providing governance oversight of government business enterprises, and advice to departments and agencies relating to future uses or disposal of surplus government land, property and office accommodation services.

Commercial Transactions

Provides commercial and strategic advice on complex non-infrastructure transactions on behalf of the Government. The team ensures the benefits, costs and risks are understood so that Government can make informed decisions.

Reviewed 18/03/2020
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