Our structure

We have five divisions: the Budget and Finance Division, Economic Division, Commercial Division, Infrastructure Division and Industrial Relations Victoria Division.

In addition, the Office of the Secretary supports the Secretary and provides a projects taskforce to meet critical work priorities and projects.

Organisational chart

The Department of Treasury and Finance's organisation chart shows the structure of the organisation and the responsibilities of each division.

Budget and Finance Division

Financial Reporting

Responsible for delivering sound financial advice and robust, transparent whole of government financial publications to positively influence the management of the State’s financial resources.

Budget Strategy

Supports sound financial management in Victoria by providing advice on the State’s short to medium‑term budget outlook and fiscal strategy, its financial and resource management frameworks and public sector industrial relations.

Portfolio Analysis

Provides advice on resource allocation across portfolios, financial risk and government service performance; and promotes sound financial management of the State’s fiscal resources throughout the Victorian public sector.

Strategic Communications and Executive Services

Strategic Communications provides issues management and strategic communications advice and services to effectively plan and implement projects and programs. Executive Services provides support to DTF and DTF’s Ministers for all Cabinet, legislation, Executive Council and parliamentary matters.

Economic Division


Advises on macroeconomic conditions and policy; energy, resources and environmental policy; and regulation, planning and local government reform, to improve Victoria’s prosperity.


Provides analysis and advice to government on tax policy, intergovernmental financial relations, revenue forecasting and gambling policy.


Supports the Government in growing employment, living standards and economic activity. Advises on improving how government agencies regulate, risk and insurance policy, and local government.


Provides economic and policy analysis and advice on education and training, health and human services, justice, Aboriginal Affairs, social housing and market housing. Implements projects including the Victorian Homebuyer Fund, the Victorian Business Growth Fund, the Early Intervention Investment Framework and the Partnerships Addressing Disadvantage initiative. Delivers the Building Financial Capacity of Community Housing Associations low interest loans initiative and jointly administers the Social Housing Growth Fund with Homes Victoria.

Commercial Division

Financial Assets and Liabilities

Advises and reports on the State’s financial assets and liabilities and associated financial risks, including the State’s investments, debts, superannuation and insurance claims liabilities. The group also includes the Housing Registrar unit, which regulates the not‑for‑profit, non‑government housing sector.

Shareholder Entities and Community Housing

Shareholder Entities and Community Housing oversees a range of commercial government business enterprises and supports the Office of the Housing Registrar to provide regulatory oversight of the community housing sector.

Commercial Transactions

Provides transaction advisory services and advice on whole of State negotiations to Government. This includes identifying asset reform opportunities to optimise the State’s balance sheet management as well as leading and implementing complex commercial transactions.

Infrastructure Division

Infrastructure Policy and Assurance

Develops infrastructure policy frameworks and advises the Government on investment decisions and project assurance issues to improve how the public sector manages assets and develops and procures infrastructure.

Infrastructure Delivery

Provides commercial, financial and risk management advice to government and guidance to departments regarding Partnerships Victoria projects and market‑led proposals to access new and innovative ideas from the private sector. Infrastructure Contracting also provides advice on the planning and management of major commercial activities on behalf of the Government.

Strategy and Productivity

Advises the government on opportunities to improve productivity in infrastructure delivery. Working across government departments, delivery agencies and the construction industry the team develops and supports policies addressing productivity-related issues such as material and workforce shortages and costs, market capacity and the culture of construction.

Data and Analytics

Drives excellence in infrastructure delivery through data insights and system-wide and whole-of-portfolio analysis. Leading reporting on the performance of Victoria’s major infrastructure projects, Data and Analytics publishes external facing dashboards, advises the Government on system-wide issues such as escalation, project costs and risks, and enhances internal infrastructure project data collation and storage systems.

Project Advisory

Provides the government and delivery agencies with project and technical advice and assurance and policy advice on systemic improvements to Victoria’s infrastructure delivery. The team builds infrastructure delivery capability and skills through forums and the Australian Major Project Leadership Academy.  

Industrial Relations Victoria Division

Industrial Relations Victoria (IRV) is the Government’s lead agency for developing industrial relations policy and initiatives in Victoria. IRV consults with Victoria's private sector on industrial relations matters. It leads Government participation in workplace-related reviews and inquiries.

It also supports the Government's contribution towards maintaining Australia's national industrial relations system.

The IRV public sector unit oversees enterprise bargaining across the Victorian public sector and provides specialised industrial relations advice to Government.

Legal Services

Legal Services provides advice on the spectrum of legal issues faced by our Ministers, Secretary and Department officials, and assists with preparing legislation across the Department.

Reviewed 03/04/2024
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