Early Intervention Investment Framework

The Victorian Government’s Early Intervention Investment Framework (EIIF) is helping guide early interventions to improve the lives of Victorians and deliver better outcomes across the service system.

By linking Government’s funding to quantifiable impacts both for people using the services as well as the service system, EIIF guides investments to where timely assistance for Victorians will improve life outcomes for individuals and reduce pressure on acute services.

The 2022-23 Budget invested $504 million in early intervention initiatives that will deliver targeted, effective assistance to address people's needs. This builds on the $324 million early intervention package funded in the 2021-22 Budget.

Investments from these two packages are estimated to generate benefits from both:

  • improved client outcomes for Victorians across a range of different cohorts, including people experiencing homelessness, families whose children are at risk of being placed in care, disengaged young people and people living with acute mental illness or chronic health conditions
  • system-wide impacts from reduced acute service usage of around $500 million over the next decade, which will be reinvested in future EIIF initiatives and improved outcomes for Victorians.  

Framework paper

With EIIF now embedded in Victoria’s annual state budget process, Government aims to share more about its approach to early intervention through the Framework paper:

The Framework paper discusses the origins of EIIF, the importance of measuring impact through outcomes and avoided costs, and how Government is continuing to grow EIIF’s effectiveness and re-balance the system toward more early intervention over time.

Find out more about the initiatives Government has funded to date through EIIF:

Additional research on EIIF

    These papers each provide a perspective on how to support the future development and refinement of EIIF over time. We note they are independent research and do not represent the views of the Victorian Government or DTF:

    Further information

    For further information on EIIF, please contact earlyintervention@dtf.vic.gov.au.

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