Machinery of government changes - VPS operating manual

The manual provides a comprehensive source of guidance to assist departments in planning and implementing machinery of government (MoG) changes.

Guidance relates primarily to transfers of responsibilities and people between Victorian government departments under the various legislation and ministerial directions. The guidance also covers changes in portfolio responsibilities for non departmental entities.

Guidance (and related sample documents) includes:

  • an overview of the legislation that governs MoG processes;
  • principles and approaches for planning and implementing MoG changes, including indicative timeframes for key events;
  • protocols for resolving issues such as the transfer of resources;
  • guidance on financial management and people management;
  • applicable accounting standards and ministerial directions;
  • recording MoG changes in the State Resource Information Management System;
  • departmental issues such as impacts on financial policies and systems; and,
  • managing customer and stakeholder relations, physical relocations, information, records, data and taxation.

The guide was updated in February 2020 to include departmental and central agency feedback following the implementation of the Machinery of Government changes announced by the Premier in November 2018.

A detailed sample Memorandum of Understanding for departments to manage the transition during a MoG change is available on the secure DTF website.

Victorian Government users can request a login by contacting the site administrator at stating the name of your organisation and your job title, and providing details of the content you require access to.   

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Reviewed 27/02/2020
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