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Investment management facilitator training and accreditation

On behalf of the Victorian Government, the accredited facilitator training is provided by Fankhauser and Associates, and the Facilitator Accreditation support by Innox Solutions.

Facilitator training

We recommend that aspiring facilitators attend facilitator training. It is not mandatory for accreditation but experience shows it is effective in providing the skills needed for accreditation and DTF recommends to departments and agencies that they use an accredited facilitator.

The training is broken into two parts:

  • Part 1 Problem definition and the investment logic map); and
  • Part 2 Driving value in investment decision-making.

Each part is one and a half days duration. The training provides an understanding of the fundamentals of facilitating the informed discussions and allows participants to practice their skills and receive feedback for all workshops across the Investment Management Standard suite of workshops.

This training is also suitable for people who do not intend to become an accredited facilitator but are seeking more in-depth understanding, with a view to implementing the practices within their organisation.

The cost for Part 1 and Part 2 of the investment management facilitator training is the same. Each part costs:

  • Victorian public service and Victorian local government staff - $1 265 (GST incl.); and
  • Others - $1 375 (GST incl).

Find out more about the training and register.

How to become accredited

Step 1 - Understanding the theory

You are strongly advised to attend the training sessions but it is not mandatory.

Step 2 - Demonstrating the practice

You must submit three (minimum) separately completed investment logic maps (ILMs) to Innox Solutions (Eldar Salkovic) : eldar@innoxsolutions.com

Feedback will be provided on submitted ILMs in both written and verbal form (this may be either by phone or face to face).

Submission of subsequent ILMs should be after receipt of feedback from the previous submission. This process may take some time depending on the level of understanding and quality of each submission. The submitted ILMs do not need to be about government investments.

Initial feedback is expected to be provided within 72 hours (during business days) of receipt of each ILM.

We recommend (but it is optional) that the first ILM is a 'desk' ILM, which depicts a real investment that demonstrates an understanding of the structure and storytelling involved, but without the added complexity of group facilitation.

Each ILM must be sent with a completed quality assessment form and investor feedback form - see related publications.

Following the submission of each ILM you will receive written and verbal feedback and advice on whether the standard of your ILM was appropriate for accreditation.

This assessment process costs $350 (including GST) for each ILM submitted and is provided by Innox Solutions on behalf of the Department. Payment is made to Innox Solutions directly.

The service contract signed by Innox Solutions (Eldar Salkovic) includes agreement to confidentiality and conflict of interest clauses.

Terms of accreditation

Accreditation will be granted when:

  • at least three ILMs have been received, with two being of the required standard;
  • investor feedback indicates the established approach is being followed; and
  • Investment Management team has reviewed all submissions and deemed them satisfactory.


The table below provides the minimum costs (GST inclusive) you can assume for attending the training (Part 1 and Part 2) and submitting the minimum requirement of ILMs for assessment:

TypeAustralian public servicePrivate sector
Attend two, one and a half day facilitator training courses$2530 (2x $1265)$2750 (2x $1375)
Submission of three (minimum) ILMs$1050 (3x $350)$1050 (3x $350) 
Total cost $3580$3800

 To remain accredited when the 12 month accreditation period expires, facilitators must submit at least one investment logic map (ILM), ILM quality assessment form and the facilitator feedback form, within the three months of accreditation lapsing.

These documents will be assessed with written and verbal feedback provided by the facilitator accreditation support provider Innox Solutions (Eldar Salkovic). Subject to the quality of the documents, additional examples may be required.

If your documents demonstrate that the standard of an accredited facilitator has been met, accreditation will be granted by DTF for a further 12 months.

If these steps are not satisfactorily completed, your name and consultant profile will be removed from the accredited facilitator website.

If accreditation has lapsed longer than 12 months, you may be required to repeat the initial accreditation process.

Reviewed 16/05/2018
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