2012-13 State Budget

The Budget Papers are split into five sections and are supported by three Budget Information Papers, which provide further information about how the budget will benefit regional and rural Victoria, infrastructure and federal financial relations.

Budget Overview

Treasurer's Speech

Strategy and Outlook

Service Delivery

State Capital Program

Statement of Finances

Regional and Rural Victoria - Budget Information Paper No. 1

Victorian Families - Budget Information Paper No. 2

Federal Financial Relations - Budget Information Paper No. 3

Amendments to the 2012-13 output performance measures - December 2012

Output measures for all departments were published in Chapter 2 and Appendix A of 2012-13 Budget Paper No. 3, Service Delivery.

Following a review of substantially changed or proposed discontinued measures by the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, and acceptance of a number of its recommendations by the Government, the following output measures will be retained for 2012-13. The Government has flagged its intention to further discuss remaining recommendations with the Committee.

Departmental output measures



Appendix A

Budget Update


Reviewed 16/05/2018
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