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Stage 1: Business case

The business case stage stablishes need, defines benefits, explores interventions, estimates costs, identifies delivery process.


The key deliverable for this stage is the completion of a full business case for submission to Government.

Before committing to an investment, the decision-maker needs to be confident that the following questions are answered in the business case:

  • What is the problem, issue or service need?
  • What are the benefits from addressing the problem?
  • Is there a compelling case for investing?
  • Can the project be delivered as planned?

High Value High Risk (HVHR) investments

For all HVHR projects, Gate 1 (concept and feasibility) and Gate 2 (business case) reviews must be carried out before the Government considers the full business case.

For projects over $10 million, the Project Profile Model must be submitted with the Business Case.

Project Profile Model

Templates and technical supplements

Investment Management Standard

Project Assurance Plan template

Value Creation and Capture

Reviewed 17/12/2019
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