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State financial data sets

To enhance the transparency and accessibility of the information in the budget papers and financial reports, you can download historical and current series of financial information and macroeconomic indicators.

The Department is responsible for advising the Victorian Government on its finances. We prepare macroeconomic forecasts and fiscal updates as part of the Budget and Budget Update processes and prepare financial reports on a regular basis - quarterly, half yearly and annually.

Financial data sets are available for the general government sector and whole of State.

General government sector

This sector consists of all government departments and other public sector agencies that are controlled and largely financed by government. The general government sector is primarily responsible for the delivery of government policy as set out in the annual budget.

Whole of State

This comprises the general government sector, public non-financial corporations (PNFC) sector and the public financial corporations (PFC) sector. The PNFC and PFC sectors comprise a wide range of entities that provide goods and services while meeting commercial principles through cost recovery via user charges and fees.

The largest Victorian PNFCs are those providing water, housing, transport and port services. Victoria’s PFCs can be categorised into two broad types:

  • those that provide services to the general public and businesses such as the statutory insurers; and
  • those that provide financial services predominantly to other government entities.
Reviewed 16/05/2018
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