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Community Support Fund financial overview 2017-18

Financial overview of income and expenditure, and total outstanding commitments for 2017-18. 

Community Support Fund Fact Sheet 2017-18

Operating statement 2017-18


 $ million


  • From electric gaming machines


  • interest


  • forfeited winnings


Total income





  • DTF administration costs


  • Adjustment for return of unspent funding from departments


Total expenditure


Net Surplus


Outstanding commitments as at 30 June 2018


 $ million

Outstanding commitments as at 1 July 2017*


  • Plus:


  • Less total program funding allocated to Departments in 2017-18


  • Less previously committed funding no longer required



* The opening balance for 2017-18 was $129.3 million as reported in 2016-17 closing balance. The opening balance has been adjusted upwards by $183.7 million mainly due to additional funding for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services Program.

Grant approvals 2017-18

Grants that were approved between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018 listed by CSF funded program. Grants approved represent total dollar commitments from a program to individual community projects. Expenditure relating to these commitments usually occurs between one and four years after the commitment is made depending on the nature of the project.

While many of the grants listed benefit specific communities, many programs run across several locations or state-wide, therefore any attempt to calculate investment by location will be a significant underestimation.

Investments are made based on community need rather than being matched to gaming expenditure in any given area.

Final outcomes summary 2017-18

Departmental initiatives finalised in 2017-18


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