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The Construction Supplier Register pre-qualifies suppliers of construction works and services in a range of categories. Use public access search to see suppliers listed on the Register by entity name or pre-qualification category.

The Construction Supplier Register is a register of pre-qualified suppliers of:

  • construction works, such as building contractors
  • construction services, such as architects, engineers and project managers.

The Construction Supplier Register lists the entity’s details and the pre-qualification category currently awarded to the entity. The information can be searched by:

  • name of the entity
  • pre-qualification category.

Access the register

Public access to the list of pre-qualified suppliers is available:

List of Pre-qualified suppliers of construction services

List of Pre-qualified suppliers of construction works

Users of the Construction Supplier Register agree and acknowledge:

  • Pre-qualified suppliers listed in this Register have met the Lead Department’s minimum capability criteria established for the Register, as in force from time to time.
  • Pre-qualification on the Construction Supplier Register is not a reflection on the quality, value for money, qualifications, or experience of the pre-qualified suppliers contained within it, or the Lead Department’s, the State’s or any State Entities’ views of a pre-qualified supplier.
  • The Lead Department, the State, and State Entities do not make any guarantees, warranties, representations, endorsements regarding the pre-qualified suppliers or the work or services performed by the pre-qualified suppliers.
  • The status of a pre-qualified supplier listed on the Register may change at any time, without warning to Users.

Users must undertake their own due diligence in selecting a supplier.

Users of this Register unconditionally and irrevocably release the Lead Department, the State, and State Entities and their employees, officers and agents from all liability arising out of, or in any way connected with:

  • this Register;
  • any contracts, works or services provided in relation to this Register;
  • any contracts, works or services provided after users or pre-qualified suppliers being contacted via this Register; and/or
  • the information provided to users of this Register or pre-qualified suppliers, including but not limited to information provided pursuant to this access to the Register.

The State and the Lead Department give no warranty that the information disclosed on the Register is true and correct, suitable for any purpose, and disclaims all liability for any supplier or user’s use of information contained in this Register. 

The State and the Lead Department will not be responsible at any time for any liabilities incurred or entered into by applicants, pre-qualified suppliers, or users as a result of, or arising out of, their obligations under this access to the Register.

Help and support

Please contact the Construction Supplier Register if you need help accessing the public list of pre-qualified suppliers.

Reviewed 09/12/2019
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