Fulham Correctional Centre Contract Extension Project

The Government has extended the contract with the GEO Group Australia Pty Ltd for the continued management and operation of Fulham Correctional Centre.


Fulham Correctional Centre Contract Extension Project


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Department of Justice and Regulation


Australasian Correctional Investment Ltd (ACI) has owned and operated the Fulham Correctional Centre since April 1997. ACI is a special purpose vehicle established by the GEO Group. The original contract included an option to extend, subject to the State and GEO agreeing to the extension terms.

The Fulham Correctional Centre is located 11 kilometres west of Sale in the Gippsland region, approximately 200 kilometres west of Melbourne. The medium security men’s prison has the capacity for up to 893 prisoners, inclusive of an eighty four bed minimum security facility.

In addition to the 893 bed capacity, the prison has six management cells, four observation cells and five healthcare beds.

The project is a public private partnership, with the private sector responsible for maintenance and operations including custodial services.

Following a negotiation process, on 2 April 2015 the State and ACI entered into an Amended and Restated Prison Services Agreement for the continued management and operation of the Fulham Correctional Centre. The terms of the Agreement will come into effect on 1 July 2016.

Subject to the performance of ACI the extension arrangements will continue for up to 19 years and three months.

The State and ACI have also entered into an amended Crown site lease, which will now terminate on the termination or expiry of the Amended and Restated Prison Services Agreement, at which time the prison facility will revert to the State at nil cost.

The contract extension involved updated sub-contracts for services at the Fulham Correctional Centre:

  • Honeywell Limited is the Facilities Management Sub-contractor, delivering facilities management services as well as lifecycle and maintenance works; and
  • Bendigo Kangan Institute is the Education Services Sub-contractor, delivering educational programs to prisoners.

The contract extension represents value for money for Victorians, and includes substantial improvements in contractual and operational arrangements.

Subject to performance the contract term will run for up to 19 years and three months commencing on 1 July 2016.

A Project Summary was released in 2016 and is available from the link below.  The contract is also available using the link below. 

Contact information

Gabriella Mascaro
General Manager
Email: gabriella.mascaro@justice.vic.gov.au

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