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This page assists external stakeholders – businesses and not-for-profit organisations – to track the progress on red tape issues the Red Tape Commissioner has raised on their behalf.

To date the red tape issues raised by businesses, organisations and individuals have been many and varied. They range from restrictions on small businesses to broad opportunities to cut costs to business and improve services to Victorians without compromising the public interest. While some of the red tape issues fall outside the Commissioner’s jurisdiction – they may be matters for the Commonwealth Government, for example – most relate to Victorian regulations, statutes and regulator practice. In a number of those cases there are already significant reform processes happening.

The issues taken up by the Commissioner tend to be ones that are not covered by current reform initiatives and where there is a reasonable prospect of cutting red tape sooner rather than later. Issues are being worked through with agencies and regulators that are responsible for the regulations. An aim is to find practical solutions that cut out unnecessary costs on businesses, organisations and individuals, without compromising the public interest.

Below is a summary of some of the issues experienced by stakeholders and taken up by the Commissioner. Relevant Victorian agencies and regulators have provided in case a brief statement of the current status of work that responds to the issues. The Commissioner will follow up and update progress. More issues are under consideration.

Issues raised will be published as they are considered by the Commissioner and agencies. Please get in touch if you would like to raise an issue.

Red tape issues described by people and businesses


Low powered kayaks and canoes

Transferring bus plates

Bus driver accreditation

Medical assessments – commercial bus drivers

Bus driver accreditation – automatic mutual recognition with NSW

Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) haulage permits


Removal of mandatory defects insurance for non-domestic plumbing as a condition of registration

Swimming pool permits time limits (COMPLETED)

Caravan parks – Renewal of registration

Building permit signing – reducing paper-based delays

Building on battle-axe blocks (COMPLETED)

Building permit signing – delegated signing

Access to public information

Accessing flood information required for a building permit

Land Victoria – accessing valuation information

Liquor and gaming

Feedback from businesses on liquor regulation and the submission to the review of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998

Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) training online

Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) register (COMPLETED)

Cheque limits (COMPLETED)

Green line plans (COMPLETED)

Hard meter reads (COMPLETED)

Butchers can sell beer and wine but not cider (COMPLETED)

No cellar door sales licence for Victorian spirit producers

Forms, paperwork and duplication

Commercial fishing paperwork and recording – technology improvements

Multiple forms for a property transaction

Transition to risk-based work plans for quarries

Police check and Working With Children Check – bus company employees

Mobile cranes – council approval for use of council roads

Recognition of modern technology

Mobile cranes – braking systems


Rework, unnecessary costs and delays within the Planning Scheme Amendment process

Remove the need to refer sub divisions that create a road to the CFA for assessment and certification – road access and fire hydrants

Bushfire Management Overlay Reform: removing the need for referral requirements in areas of lower bushfire risk where an accredited bushfire practitioner has prepared relevant planning permit application documentation

Bushfire Management Overlay Reform: reviewing planning permit and referral triggers for simple applications

Bushfire Management Overlay Reform: Minor changes to the current bushfire planning provisions

Earth resources

Statutory Endorsement of Earth Resources Work Plan (Quarries)

Reviewed 16/05/2018
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