Applying for pre-qualification

Suitably qualified and experienced construction works and services suppliers may apply for pre-qualification with the Construction Supplier Register at any time.

The pre-qualification scheme does not replace Architects Registration Board registration or Victorian Building Authority practitioner registration and does not apply to non-government work.

The application is a two-part process and Part 1 can be made online at this website.

The information provided online will be assessed for compliance before you are asked to complete Part 2.

Part 1

Information needed to complete Part 1 of the application:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Australian Company Number (ACN) (where applicable)
  • details of at least three current construction projects/commissions and three completed projects/commissions, including the names and contact details for independent referees.
  • Names of business owners (Sole traders and partnerships)
  • Names of company directors (Corporate entities)
  • Details of Victorian Building Authority Registered Building Practitioners where required for the relevant business owner/s or company director/s (Details of corporate practitioner registration where relevant will be requested in Part 2 of the application process)
  • Architects, architectural companies and architectural partnerships must hold up to date registration with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria to be eligible for pre-qualification.

Part 2

Part 2 of the application includes a range of documents that the applicant is required to complete and return with any requested evidence for compliance checking.

  • Occupational health and safety (all suppliers)
  • Commitment to the Victorian government supplier Code of Conduct (all suppliers)
  • Current relevant insurance policies (all suppliers
  • Financial viability (works suppliers only)
  • Industrial relations management (works suppliers only)

Submitting Part 1 of the application

Before applying suppliers  should read the Conditions of Pre-qualification. Acceptance of these conditions is a prerequisite to pre-qualification and by submitting an application, suppliers  agree to accept the conditions.

Table 1 lists the entity types that the CSR can pre-qualify. All entities seeking pre-qualification require an ABN that relates directly to the legal entity named in the application and which, if successful on a tender, will be party to a contract.

Table 1: Eligible entity types for prequalification with the CSR


Acceptable legal entity



Points to note

An individual


An individual is a “natural person”

Jane Doe

Can be a sole trader or one member of a partnership

A company


A company will have a name that includes “Pty Ltd’, “Ltd” or “Pty”

White Consulting Pty Ltd

An Australian company will have an Australian Company Number (ACN). The ACN will normally be the last 9 digits of the company’s ABN

A trust


The name will include the word trust

Steel Trading Trust, The Blue Moon Unit Trust

Although a trust can have an ABN, it cannot be directly pre-qualified and cannot be directly contracted with.

A legal entity acting as the trustee and legal title holder of property for the beneficiaries of the trust may be pre-qualified.

An individual trustee


An individual may claim to be the trustee of a trust

Jane Doe as Trustee for the Jones Family Trust

Because the powers of a trustee are limited by the trust deed and trusts legislation, the combined financial status of the trustee and trust, will be considered in the assessment for pre-qualification. The trust deed may be required as supporting documentation with an application.

A trustee company


A company may claim to be the trustee of a trust

Steel Builders Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Steel Trading Trust

See note for an individual trustee.

A partnership


not a legal entity, but can be treated as one for pre-qualification

A partnership can enter into a binding contract if it is validly executed by one or more partners on behalf of all the partners.

A partnership does not have an existence separate and distinct from the partners.

Bill and Joe builders

CSR will assess the partnership and may record a trading name if it is registered to a legal entity that has been pre-qualified, but contracts will call for each partner to be individually and jointly liable.

A business name or trading name


A business or trading name is merely a name under which individuals, partnerships or corporations carry on business

Whites construction

A business / trading name is not a legal entity, CSR may record a trading name if it is registered to a legal entity that has been pre-qualified. Although it will never be listed as the primary name on the register.

To begin making an application you will first need to complete a self-assessment process. If successful you will then be provided with a link to submit your application.

Assessment of applications

Applicants are assessed against a range of pre-qualification criteria including management, technical, financial, demonstrated capability and capacity, occupational health and safety, industrial relations and commitment to the Victorian government supplier Code of Conduct to ensure they meet the high standards required of Government suppliers. Pre-qualification is then reviewed on an annual basis.

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Reviewed 04/02/2019
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