Applying for pre-qualification

Suitably qualified and experienced building and construction industry consultants and contractors may apply for pre-qualification with the Construction Supplier Register at any time.

The pre-qualification scheme does not replace the Building Practitioners Board scheme and does not apply to non-government work.

Submitting applications online

Applications for pre-qualification can be made online at this website.

Before applying consultants and contractors should read the Conditions of Pre-qualification, Contractor assessment guidelines and the Pre-qualification criteria. Acceptance of these conditions is a prerequisite to pre-qualification and by submitting an application, consultants and contractors agree to accept the conditions.

To begin making an application you will first need to complete a self-assessment process. If successful you will then be provided with a link to submit your application.

Assessment of applications

Before being pre-qualified, applicants are assessed against a range of management, technical and financial pre-qualification criteria to ensure they meet the high standards required of Government suppliers. Pre-qualification is then reviewed on a regular basis.

Firms applying for pre-qualification must demonstrate that they have the management capability, qualifications, expertise, experience, technical and financial capacity to successfully deliver government construction projects. Successful applicants may be placed in one or more pre-qualification categories.

The demolition contractor pre-qualification scheme applies to projects where the value of the demolition works is estimated to exceed $100,000. Victorian Government Departments may however elect to use the scheme to select demolition contractors for works at a lower value at their discretion.

Information needed to complete an application

To complete an application for pre-qualification you will need:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Australian Company Number (ACN) (where applicable)
  • details of current relevant insurance policies
  • details of at least three current construction projects/commissions and three completed projects/commissions, including the names and contact details for independent referees.

Additional information to be provided by consultants:

  • Details of Registered Building Practitioners (RBP). This is required for most but not all consultant categories.
  • Architects, architectural companies and architectural partnerships must hold up to date registration with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria to be eligible for pre-qualification with CSR.
  • Consultants will be requested to demonstrate compliance with Occupational Health & Safety criteria.

Additional information to be provided by contractors:

  • Details of Registered Building Practitioners (RBP).
  • Signed financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statements) for at least the last two full financial years. Contractors must also comply with the mandatory Occupational Health & Safety and Industrial Relations management pre-qualification criteria.

 Industrial relations self assessment checklist - Attachment D*

Industrial relations management criteria (Guidance note) - Attachment E*

* Updated documents coming soon.

Reviewed 16/05/2018
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