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Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) haulage permits

Red Tape Issue

The regime for issuing travel permits for routes for oversize and heavy loads is in some instances slow and inefficient.  Businesses that submit an application to transport loads and equipment  sometimes face delays of up to six weeks to obtain approvals, before they can travel. Delays are exacerbated when bridge assessments are required for significant over mass or over dimensional loads using “platform trailer” Low Loaders. Businesses indicate that these issues have become worse since the establishment of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), which under Federal legislation delegates approvals to VicRoads and local councils. The current delays are not entirely the result of NHVR processes, more so they are related to both VicRoads and Local Government’s inability to process applications effectively. The red tape burdens on haulage companies are significant and include underutilisation of expensive, specialised transport equipment. In addition, substantial referred cost effects are experienced by the manufacturing, shipping, and infrastructure construction sectors as a result of delays in moving outsize equipment that they rely on to continue production.

Current status

  • VicRoads has identified some issues with the issuing of permits and has commenced work to improve the efficiency and systems related to the application and issuing of permits. A project "Streamlining process to improve access" is to commence on 30 Aug that will involve improving heavy vehicle productivity by transitioning from compliance based process to a service based process to improve the productivity of the heavy vehicle industry. This project is envisaged to take between 10-12 weeks.
  • Part of this review will also identify system processes to escalate items that have become delayed or are awaiting information or advice by 3rd parties.
  • Process improvements not affecting system changes identified during the review will be implemented as soon as practicable.
  • A recent re-structure designed to find a better structure for some of our central functions and how to best serve the community has been completed. Additionally  the announcement of Transport for Victoria a month ago has seen heavy vehicle services now operating as one group. This new group is critical in supporting productivity and safety outcomes.
  • Last month VicRoads published a notice for combinations that operate up to 100.0 tonnes gross mass, 5.0 metres high, 5.0 metres wide, and 30 metres long. The associated maps show where these vehicles can travel without obtaining a separate permit. This has significantly reduced the administrative burden for operators in this field.
Reviewed 16/05/2018
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