The Red Tape Commissioner

Commercial fishing paperwork and recording – technology improvements

Red tape issue

The system of hard copy log book recording for commercial fish landed could be streamlined, using portable devise based electronic reporting. Most commercial fishers are currently required to fill out daily hard copy log books to record their catch. Two fisheries in Victoria currently use app based technology to report their catch, which provide benefits to the fishers and Fisheries Victoria. For most fisheries, fishers need to fill out and maintain hard copy log books, and Fisheries Victoria employees manually enter all hardcopy data into a database for the purpose of annual reporting, compliance checks, and fisheries management assessments and planning . Fishers pay for this service through cost recovery levies.

The development of an electronic system, such as a smart phone application (app), or e-logbook, could save fishers and government money and time, improve efficiency and accuracy in fisheries data collection and processing (including providing real time data), and improve monitoring of compliance. Any proposal would need to be developed in consultation with fishers and funding found to develop the app and fund IT system changes.

Current status

Preliminary discussion has commenced with interested industry sectors.

Reviewed 16/05/2018
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