The Red Tape Commissioner

Red Tape Rubbish Bin

You can help the efforts to cut back red tape by making a submission to the Red Tape Commissioner.

Are you frustrated by government red tape in Victoria? Is your business being held back by:

  • excessive paperwork;
  • delays in approvals;
  • duplicated requests for similar information by different regulators;
  • excessive regulatory rules and complicated processes that stop you getting things done;
  • inconsistent and overlapping approaches by regulators; and
  • poorly designed regulations etc.

There are better ways to do things in Victoria. Your information will be help to target where things need to change. Help to cut red tape by:

  • describing the red tape issues affecting you and the effect on your business;
  • sending a submission to the Red Tape Commissioner; and
  • providing additional information to the Commissioner – if needed – to help identify the root cause of the problem and possible solutions.

Doing things better

Regulation can be important in protecting people and in protecting the public interest. Most regulation has that intention. However, poorly designed regulation and inefficient implementation can also: 

  • make it more difficult to do business;
  • require people to do unnecessary and costly things, in some cases for several regulators; and
  • waste peoples’ time – things take unreasonably long.

If requirements are unnecessary, excessive and costly, people can’t use this time and resources to create business and employ Victorians. The Government will enforce a 25 per cent red tape reduction target and make sure all government agencies report on their progress. This will make it easier for people to create and do business. To do this, the Government wants your feedback on where there are problems, and your ideas on better ways of doing things.

Public reporting

This website will publish selected ideas. It will also track progress and changes made. The Red Tape Commissioner will take up issues with the agencies and regulators responsible for the regulations. The Commissioner is particularly interested in issues that are:  

  • a barrier to existing businesses and new businesses, or not-for-profit organisations that provide services to government; 
  • not being addressed through a current competent reform process; and 
  • likely to encourage innovation, jobs and growth.
Reviewed 18/04/2018
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