Construction Contracts Advisory Panel

The Construction Contracts Advisory Panel (CCAP) is a Victorian government committee with membership drawn from departments and public bodies responsible for public construction.


From 1 July 2018 new principles and procedures will replace Ministerial Direction No.1, Ministerial Direction No. 2 and Ministerial Direction No.4.

The new principles and procedures are presented in the Ministerial Directions for Public Construction Procurement in Victoria.

The Ministerial Directions are supported by:

  • mandatory Instructions for Public Construction Procurement, and
  • non-mandatory Guidance. for Public Construction Procurement in Victoria.

Refreshed standard form contracts will be released on 1 July 2018 to complement the new Directions and Instructions.

Fact sheets presenting summaries of the new Ministerial Directions and comparing them to the old rules are available at Practitioners Toolkit - Fact sheets.


CCAP’s terms of reference are set out in the Guide to Ministerial Directions No. 2, and include providing advice to the Secretary responsible for Part 4 of the Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994. 

The CCAP is to undertake the functions contemplated in the Guide to Ministerial Directions No. 2, and to provide advice and make recommendations to the Secretary or his/her delegate on the following matters:

  • the general conditions of contract that should be approved for use in the Victorian public sector;
  • special conditions of contract that are approved for use by individual agencies;
  • appropriate minimum notice periods to be given for the withdrawal of approval to use existing forms of contract;
  • ‘project specific’ conditions of contract which may be exempted from the approval process;
  • special circumstances and projects where alternative forms of contract may be acceptable;
  • identification of financial ranges within which particular forms of contract are to be used;
  • types of related consultancy services covered by Ministerial Direction No 2;
  • identification of best practice opportunities;
  • the matters specified in Ministerial Direction No. 1 and the Guide to Ministerial Direction No. 1, and
  • any other relevant matter.

The Department of Treasury and Finance works closely with CCAP to improve public construction outcomes, develop suitable forms of construction contract, and provide a focus for communicating with other jurisdictions and the construction industry.

The Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible for managing and administering CCAP.

For more information about CCAP and its operations contact the Construction Policy Team on 03 9651 5300 or email

Reviewed 28/06/2018
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