Technical guides

These technical guides have been developed to provide departments and agencies greater detail on specific, technical aspects of investment development and delivery. 

Managing projects under uncertainty - real options analysis guidelines

This guide has been developed to assist practitioners consider and manage the potential affects of uncertainty on infrastructure investment development and delivery. It outlines a range of tools, in particular real options analysis, that can be applied to investment management practices to better manage investments significantly impacted by uncertainty.

Economic evaluation guidelines

These guide has been developed to assist departments and agencies conduct an economic evaluation of investment proposals. The evaluation is a vital component of the business case developed in Stage 1 Prove and is used to support informed investment decision making.

Preparing project budgets for business cases

This guide provides information on how to develop robust cost and budget estimates that support sound investment decisions by addressing financial planning of investments, how to accommodate risk and uncertainty and project governance and sign-off requirements.

Project governance

This guide provides best practice guidance, templates and techniques, and promote the effective governance of programs and projects in a consistent, transparent and robust way.

ICT projects business case development

This guide provides departments and agencies with assistance in applying ICT project guidelines and developing business cases for ICT projects, specifically building on the project lifecycle stages of conceptualise and prove.

It also provides advice on implementing ICT industry leading practice in areas including delivery staging, technology selection and business readiness.

Procurement strategy guideline for business case development

This technical guideline and supporting tools assist practitioners to achieve successful procurement outcomes through developing a comprehensive procurement strategy, to inform a full business case.

ICT Projects Technical Guidance Procure and deliver

Risk management

This project risk management guideline aims to provide those responsible for managing project risks with a common source of risk terminology and definitions. It aims to provide practical guidance on how to implement and apply risk management in a project management context.

Sustainability Investment Guidelines

This technical guide should be used to help guide projects involving the built environment where there is opportunity for embedding sustainability outcomes as part of asset development.

The Sustainability Investment Guidelines form part of  the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability in Victoria's Strategic Audit on Environmental Management Systems in the Victorian Government 2012-13. The Guidelines are contained within Section 3 and can be found commencing from page 49.

Reviewed 06/06/2018
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