Update pre-qualification

Pre-qualified consultants and contractors are required to notify the Construction Supplier Register promptly of anything that might affect pre-qualification.

This includes changes to:

  • company or business structure, ownership or holding
  • technical capabilities
  • financial capacity
  • key personnel

Consultants and contractors must also provide regular updates of recently completed projects and commissions to ensure that the Victorian Government Departments that use the Construction Supplier Register system have up to date information.

How updates can be provided

Pre-qualified consultants and contractors can provide updates at any time by mail, facsimile or email. For a copy of the correct form for updates please contact Construction Supplier Register.

Reviews of pre-qualification

The pre-qualification of all consultants and contractors is reviewed by the Construction Supplier Register on a regular basis and also when requested by Victorian Government departments.

Reviews may comprise a full re-assessment of compliance with all of the pre-qualification criteria or may be limited to particular criteria such as financial capacity, Occupational Health and Safety or project performance.

Consultants and contractors must respond to a Construction Supplier Register review within the required time frame or risk suspension or removal from the pre-qualification scheme.

Pre-qualified consultants and contractors may request a review of pre-qualification if they believe their technical or financial capability or capacity has significantly altered.

Contact Construction Supplier Register for more information about keeping pre-qualification up to date.


Reviewed 16/05/2018
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