Pre-qualification scheme for Fire Service Contractors

The Construction Supplier Register has established a pre-qualification category for Fire Services Contractors.

The Fire Services Contractor category will cover installation (including design and installation), retrofitting, maintenance, testing and checking of fire equipment and systems, including checking for compliance with regulation, codes and standards.

Fire services, systems and equipment covered under the scheme includes:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Portable fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets)
  • Ducted heating/air conditioning shutdown facilities
  • Electric strikes
  • Magnetic door hold open device
  • Emergency lighting
  • Alarm, detection and warning systems including:
    • Fire Indicator Panels (to AS1670)
    • Residential Fire Panels
    • VESDA systems
    • Smoke detectors and alarms
    • Heat detectors and alarms

The scheme may be extended in the future to cover fire mains, hydrants and hose reels.

Applicability of the Fire Services category

Use of the scheme will not be mandatory.

The Fire Services Contractor category will be available to Victorian Government Departments in accordance with Ministerial Direction No 1 - Tendering Provisions for Public Construction, issued under the Project Development and Construction Management Act [1994].

Applying for pre-qualification

Applications may be obtained by contacting CSR.

Fire Services Contractors must also comply with the Construction Supplier Register contractor pre-qualification criteria - including Financial, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Relations criteria.

Pre-qualification is subject to the Construction Supplier Register Conditions of Pre-qualification.

Enquiries about the Fire Services Contractor category and how to apply for pre-qualification may be directed to:

Construction Supplier Register
Department of Treasury and Finance
GPO Box 4379
Melbourne VIC 3001
Tel. +61 3 9651 5104


Reviewed 16/05/2018
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