DataVic Access Policy and Guidelines


The Victorian Government recognises the benefits from and encourages the availability of Victorian government data for the public good. The DataVic Access Policy has been developed to support this goal.

Responsibility for the DataVic Access Policy was recently transferred from the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) to the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), specifically to the Victorian Centre for Data Insights.

The transfer, which occurred 2 October 2017, consolidates responsibility for open data within the one department. DPC delivers the Victorian Government Data Directory and the move aligns open data policy to the Victorian Centre for Data Insights' role providing expertise and oversight of policy for the collection, sharing and reuse of data across the Victorian Government.

DTF is working closely with DPC to ensure a smooth transition and DTF will continue to implement the DataVic Access Policy by pro-actively identifying and releasing high value data to the Victorian community.

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The purpose of the DataVic Access Policy is to:

  • enable public access to government data to support research and education, promote innovation, support improvements in productivity and stimulate growth in the Victorian economy; and
  • enhance sharing of, and access to, information-rich resources to support evidence-based decision making in the public sector.

Not all government data will be suitable for release. Access to data may need to be restricted for reasons of privacy, public safety, security and law enforcement, public health, pre-existing contractual arrangements and compliance with the law.

For a full copy of the Victorian government’s policy on the availability of government data, please download the Policy by clicking on the link below.

Download the DataVic Access Policy


Version 2 of the DataVic Access Policy Guidelines was released in August 2015. The new Guidelines have been streamlined and include new guidance on a number of topics. The Guidelines are a comprehensive resource designed to provide practical tools and direction on the release, licensing and management of government data so that it can be used and reused by the community and businesses. The Guidelines have been written to support the Victorian Public Service meet the obligations under the DataVic Access Policy.

Changes to the Guidelines include:

  • an improved definition of what ‘open’ data, including a new section of what machine readable means and suitable formats for data release.
  • a new section on defining high value datasets.
  • an improved definition of when not to release data and what the expectation when a dataset meets one of the non-release criteria (it is often possible that a cleansed form of data can be released).
  • detail on what to consider when procuring data, databases or infrastructure/programs that are data generating.
  • the document has been re-formatted to align with the process of releasing a dataset to improve the understanding and compliance of the policy.
  • a simplification of the licencing section as most datasets will be released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Manuals and fact sheets

Expanding upon the Guidelines, DTF publishes topic specific manuals and fact sheets to support agencies in the timely release of data. The manuals are:

DataVic Access Policy: Dataset Publishing Manual

DataVic data set metadata requirements (XLSX 215kb)

DataVic Access Policy: Freedom of Information Fact Sheet (DOCX 57kb)

DataVic Access Policy: Reports data release Fact Sheet (DOCX 55kb)

DataVic Access Policy: Process checklist for the release of a dataset (DOCX 62kb)

Fact sheet on Victorian Government data for research

Whole of Victorian Government data directory data.vic is your Victorian Government data directory. The directory provides public access to Victorian Government generated or owned data, which enables the sharing of Government data at no, or minimal, cost to users. Government data from all agencies will be progressively supplied in a machine-readable format that will minimise access costs and maximise use and reuse.

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Whole of Victorian Government Intellectual Property Policy

The DataVic Access Policy is complemented by the whole of Victorian government Intellectual Property Policy, which streamlines the State’s management of intellectual property and encourages access to Crown copyright on the least restrictive terms appropriate.


If you have any questions about the DataVic Access Policy, please email us at or by phone on 03 9651 2455.

If you have general questions regarding the data.vic web site, please contact the Department by filling out the Contact Form.