Sample legal template documents


Below is the suite of sample legal template documents developed to assist in the drafting of legal documents for SIB transactions. Not all sample templates may be required, however they have been provided to assist users as needed.

These legal contract templates are designed to be scalable to the needs of the SIB. Users may remove sections that don't apply or include additional sections as required.

SIB Legal Documents with the State of Victoria

1. Joint Development Phase Agreement (DOCX 120kb)

2. Implementation Agreement (DOCX 288kb)

3. Direct Deed (DOCX 133kb)

SIB Bond Documents

1. Information Memorandum (DOC 384kb)

2. Bond Conditions (DOCX 68kb)

3. Deed Poll (DOC 404kb)

4. Purchase Agreement (DOC 336kb)

SIB Issuer Transaction Documents

5. Charitable Trust Deed (DOC 480kb)

6. Management Deed (DOC 296kb)

SIB Security Documents

7. First Security Deed (DOC 445kb)

8. Second Security Deed (DOC 676kb)

9. Priority Co-ordination Deed (DOCX 105kb)

SIB Project Implementation Documents

10. Services Subcontract (Drafting Guidelines) (DOCX 52kb)

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