Eligibility of natural disaster expenditure


Details eligible expenditure under the NDFA.

Natural Disaster Financial Assistance for local councils is provided to assist in the recovery process and to alleviate some of the financial burden that may be experienced following a natural disaster, in accordance with Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Under Victoria’s Natural Disaster Financial Assistance (NDFA) scheme, financial support is provided to assist municipal councils with costs associated with:

  • certain counter disaster operations, including repairs to assets damaged by counter disaster operations; and
  • the restoration and emergency protection works to essential public assets damaged as a direct result of a natural disaster – including the repair of roads and bridges, levees, local government offices and storm water infrastructure.

Should a natural disaster event be notified to the Commonwealth under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), additional support may be provided to assist local councils with expenditure associated with:

  • the establishment of Relief or Recovery Centres or a Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC; and
  • where applicable, costs associated with personal and financial counselling.

Local councils should read these guide sheets to understand what types of expenditure are eligible under the Natural Disaster Financial Assistance (NDFA) scheme in accordance with the NDRRA.

Please note: As at 20 December 2013, the consideration of any betterment proposals by the Commonwealth has been placed on hold pending the findings of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements – the response by the Commonwealth to the Productivity Commission is anticipated to be around March/April 2015.

Guidance and templates

Counter disaster operations (DOCX 54kb)

Reinstatement of essential public assets (DOCX 66kb)

Essential public asset approval form template (DOCX 51kb)

Case example scenario (DOCX 47kb)

Eligibility of salaries and wages (DOCX 52kb)

Advice regarding the replacement of assets including betterment and enhancement (DOCX 52kb)

Natural Disaster Financial Assistance presentation (PPTX 502kb)