Claims process and requests for advance payments


Following a natural disaster event, impacted local councils should first contact their insurance provider to discuss whether assets are covered under their insurance arrangements prior to seeking assistance from DTF under the NDFA/NDRRA.

If financial assistance is required, there are two ways to seek natural disaster financial assistance through DTF:

  • claims process (for actual expenditure incurred); or
  • advance payments.

The standard way for local councils to receive assistance through DTF is to lodge a claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred immediately before, during or after an event, or throughout the recovery and rebuilding process (within the allowable time period). For more information on what expenditure is eligible for reimbursement see the section on Eligibility of Expenditure.

Where a local council faces hardship and will struggle to meet expenditure requirements, an advance payment may be requested from DTF. This will then need to be acquitted by submitting claims for actual expenditure as it occurs.

To lodge a claim for reimbursement of expenses, or to request an advance payment, please visit the Natural Disasters Financial Assistance page.


Claims reimbursement process (DOCX 55kb)

ACMS transaction listing template (XLSM 126kb)

Supporting documentation required with natural disaster claims (DOCX 56kb)