Financial overview 2012-13


Financial overview of income and expenditure, and total outstanding commitments for 2012-13.

 2012-13  $m
 Balance of fund at 30 June 2012  48.9
 Income and expenditure  
 Income from EGM* in hotels**  85.0
 Income from interest earned on cash balance  1.5
 Total income  86.4
 Total expenditure (DOC 94kb)  74.5
 Balance of the fund at 30 June 2013  60.8


Total outstanding commitments  $m
Total outstanding program commitments at 30 June 2012  233.4
Plus program approvals (DOC 57kb) made in 2012-13  122.6
Less expenditure in 2012-13  74.5
Less net adjustments***  2.8
Total outstanding commitments at 30 June 2013  278.7


* Electronic Gaming Machine

** Excludes $45m as outlined in the legislation, to support Government priorities.

*** Includes adjustments to commitments approved in prior years.

Grant approvals

This website provides details of all CSF grants approved during the 2012-13 financial year - see related publications. Information will be updated annually.

It should be noted that while many of the grants listed benefit specific communities, many programs run across several locations or state-wide, therefore any attempt to calculate investment by location will be a significant underestimation.

Investments from the CSF are made based on community need rather than being matched to gaming expenditure in any given area.