Whole of government standard motor vehicle policy


VicFleet manages the Victorian Government standard motor vehicle policy. This policy is obligatory for all Victorian Government departments and inner-budget agencies, and should be used as a guide for all other government agencies.

The standard motor vehicle policy (SMVP) is a whole of Victorian Government framework to optimise the management and use of government vehicle assets for the benefit of all departments and agencies and for the government overall.  

The SMVP maintains a focus on key fleet objectives including fleet efficiency, vehicle and passenger safety, environmental sustainability and support for the Australian vehicle manufacturing industry.

Vehicle selection policy

Only passenger and light commercial vehicles on the Approved Vehicle List are permitted for lease or purchase.

The Approved Vehicle List is published on the VicFleet website, and will be determined on vehicle safety, environmental performance and value for money. 

The Approved Vehicle List will be limited to passenger, sports utility, and light commercial vehicles that are regularly purchased by Government departments and agencies. 

The Approved Vehicle List will be updated as vehicle models, pricing and safety features change.

Use of private vehicles

There are strict rules governing use of private vehicles for government business purposes. An employee must obtain the approval of the employer before using his or her private motor vehicle during his or her employment.

For reimbursement following personal vehicle use, the employee must make a declaration stating the date and purpose of the trip, the number of kilometres travelled and the type of vehicle used.

Supervisors must not authorise use of a private vehicle:

  • for more than 5 000 kms of travel for government business in a financial year. See the ATO website for details on the taxation rules external site icon except where specific authorisation is provided in writing by the appropriate departmental Secretary or agency chief executive officer; and
  • for use on government business where the vehicle does not meet the safety and maintenance requirements for government vehicles, as described in the SMVP.

For more information on reimbursement rates and government liability, see section 3.3.13 of the SMVP.