Executive vehicle policy


VicFleet advises on policy aspects of the executive vehicle scheme and vehicle availability. The Victorian Public Sector Commission should be contacted regarding salary packaging issues or to obtain a copy of the Executive Employment Handbook.

Details of the Victorian Government's executive car scheme are provided in the whole of government standard motor vehicle policy.

Executives contribute towards the cost of private use of their vehicles according to a formula. Typical vehicle packages have the following features:

  • vehicles are selected from the

    list of approved vehicles for salary packaging;

  • manufacturers’ approved and listed options may be selected;
  • vehicles are fully serviced, maintained, insured and fuelled;
  • fuel cards are issued for each vehicle;
  • accident management services and manufacturer's roadside assistance are provided;
  • registration and re-registration of the vehicle are paid by the Government. Fringe benefits tax is paid by the Government and will be disclosed on your group certificate; and
  • car parking is available, subject to departmental policy.

Note: e-tags for CityLink are not provided by the Government and are the responsibility of the executive officer.

Human resources staff or the fleet manager in each department have access to a formula to work out salary deductions.