VicFleet - FAQs


Frequently asked questions about driving, buying or leasing a government vehicle.

How do I report misuse of a government vehicle?

All reports of alleged misuse of a government vehicle must be made in writing by sending an email to or go the feedback form and select 'Report misuse of government vehicle' from the drop-down menu.

How do I buy an ex-government car?

All Victorian Government vehicles are sold through public auction. Auctions are held on Tuesday mornings by Pickles Auctions in Sunshine, Melbourne.

Why doesn't the Government have more efficient, smaller vehicles?

The government is committed to supporting the Australian automotive industry. This commitment is demonstrated by the government's policy to buy only Australian-made vehicles wherever possible.

There are currently no small Australian manufactured vehicles available. The Holden Cruze is a medium sized vehicle with low fuel consumption and emissions.

How do I get a novated lease vehicle?

All Victorian public service staff can use the novated lease facility.

What vehicles can I get on a novated lease?

You can novate lease any vehicle of your choice providing the value is under the luxury car tax threshold. You do not have to choose an Australian manufactured vehicle.

Who has to pay parking and speeding fines?

All traffic violations and infringements are the responsibility of the driver.

I've had an accident - what do I do?

See the Motor vehicle crashes and reporting section of the standard motor vehicle policy.

If I have an accident in a government vehicle, will I have to pay the insurance excess?

Departments generally meet the cost of insurance excesses, but check with your fleet manager. Insurance may be void if there is any evidence that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and in such cases the driver may have to meet all costs.

Can my agency rent cars from the State Government car pool?

All government departments and agencies can rent vehicles from the car pool external site icon (this link only works if you are inside a Victorian Government network).

Who can lease a vehicle from VicFleet?

All government departments and selected agencies can lease vehicles through VicFleet.

Who does VicFleet provide fleet management services to?

VicFleet, through VicFleet Management and Leasing, provides a fleet management service to about 40 government agencies.