Vehicle insurance


Lumley Insurance has been appointed as the Government's insurance provider for 2015-16.

All Government vehicles insured under the VicFleet insurance policy are covered by full comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Note: all Government vehicles must be comprehensively insured.

What to do if you have an accident

Check the quick reference guide in the glove box of your vehicle if you have a crash.  

VicFleet must use Lumley Insurance repairer network external site iconif repairs are required. 


Contacting Lumley - Claims and assessing

Use the Lumley Insurance claim form (PDF 177kb)

Email Lumley Insurance at:

Note: For vehicles funded through the VicFleet finance lease facility, there is no excess to be paid for the repairs - Lumley Insurance will bill VicFleet direct.

For all other vehicles, the excess is to be paid to the repairer or Lumley Insurance direct by the department.