Community Support Fund grant approvals 2016-17


Grants that were approved* between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017 listed by Community Support Fund (CSF) funded program.

While many of the grants listed benefit specific communities, many programs run across several locations or state-wide, therefore any attempt to calculate investment by location will be a significant underestimation.

Investments from the CSF are made based on community need rather than being matched to gaming expenditure in any given area.

Grant approval - ANZAC Day Revenue to Veterans Fund (DOCX 45kb)

Grant approval - ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund (DOCX 43kb)

Grant approval - Better Facilities Stronger Communities (DOCX 42kb)

Grant approval - Children and Youth Area Partnerships (DOCX 44kb)

Grant approval - Community Advancement Fund (DOCX 44kb)

Grant approval - Community Commitments DJR (DOCX 45kb)

Grant approval - Community Support and Recreational Sports Package DELWP Formerly DTPLI (DOCX 44kb)

Grant approval - Community Support and Recreational Sports Package DHHS Formerly DHS (DOCX 44kb)

Grant approval - Extension Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services Program (DOCX 49kb)

Grant approval - Heyfield Museum (DOCX 42kb)

Grant approval - Justice Connects Not for Profit Law Program 2016-17 to 2017-18 (DOCX 42kb)

Grant approval- Our Watch (DOCX 42kb)

Grant-approval - Scammel Reserve Pavillion Redevelopment (DOCX 42kb)

Grant approval - Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation 2015-16 to 2018-19 (DOCX 46kb)

*Grants approved represent total dollar commitments from a program to individual community projects. Expenditure relating to these commitments usually occurs between one and four years after the commitment is made depending on the nature of the project.