2014-15 Budget Papers


The Budget Papers are split into five sections and are supported by two Budget Information Papers, which provide further information about how the budget will benefit regional and rural Victoria and infrastructure.

Budget Overview

Budget Overview (PDF 1.15mb)

Budget Overview (DOCX 4.47mb) 

Budget Paper 1: Treasurer's Speech

Treasurer's Speech (PDF 750kb)

Treasurer's Speech (DOCX 49kb) 

Budget Paper 2: Strategy and Outlook

Strategy and Outlook (PDF 1.23mb)

Strategy and Outlook (DOCX 580kb) 

Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery

Service Delivery (PDF 3.12mb)

Service Delivery (DOCX 852kb) 

Budget Paper 4: State Capital Program

State Capital Program (PDF 1.96mb)

State Capital Program (DOCX 505kb) 

Budget Paper 5: Statement of Finances

Statement of Finances (PDF 8.81mb)

Statement of Finances (DOCX 2.47mb) 

Budget Information Paper: Regional and Rural Victoria

Regional and Rural Victoria (PDF 1.88mb)

Regional and Rural Victoria (DOCX 2.54mb) 

Budget Information Paper: Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Investment (PDF 1.76mb)

Infrastructure Investment (DOCX 4.1mb)

Budget Update

2014-15 Budget Update (PDF 2.21mb)

2014-15 Budget Update (DOCX 622kb)

Pre-Election Budget Update

2014 Pre-Election Budget Update (PDF 1.38mb)

2014 Pre-Election Budget Update (DOCX 338kb)

Note: The budget information papers are published in both Word and PDF. PDF files are donated by this icon PDF icon. To view them you will need to download the free Adobe Reader external site icon if you do not have Adobe installed on your computer.

The Word files Word icon have been created in Word 2010. If you don't have Word 2010, you can download a free Word 2010 viewer external site icon