2002-03 Budget Papers


The Budget Papers are split into three sections and one Budget Information Paper, the Public Sector Asset Investment Program (Victoria's capital asset program)

The 2002-03 State Budget was released on Tuesday 7 May 2002. The complete set of budget papers are available from this website.

Budget Overview

Budget Overview (PDF 3.76mb) available in PDF format only

Budget Paper 1: Treasurer's Speech

Treasurer's Speech (PDF 168kb)
Treasurer's Speech (DOC 79kb)

Budget Paper 2: Budget Statement

Budget Statement (PDF 1.22mb)
Budget Statement (DOC 2.54mb)

Budget Paper 3: Budget Estimates

Budget Estimates (PDF 1.66mb)
Budget Estimates (DOC 5.3mb)

Public Sector Asset Investment Program, Budget Information Paper No. 1 (BIP1)

Public Sector Asset Investment Program (PDF 633kb)
Public Sector Asset Investment Program (DOC 1.68mb)

Pre-Election Budget Update

Pre-Election Budget Update (PDF 826kb)
Pre-Election Budget Update (DOC 994kb)

Budget Update (mid-cycle review of the 2002-03 State budget)

Budget Update (PDF 1.11mb)
Budget Update (DOC 1.31mb)

Note: The budget information papers are published in both Word and PDF. PDF files are donated by this icon PDF icon. To view them you will need to download the free Adobe Reader external site icon if you do not have Adobe installed on your computer.