1998-99 Budget Papers


The Budget Papers are split into three sections.

The 1998-1999 State Budget was released on 21 April 1998. This was the first year the Budget Papers used accrual output based budgeting. 

Accrual budgeting reflects the full cost of government service provision. This prevents liabilities being incurred without planning and managing future payments - as was possible under cash based reporting.

The complete set of budget papers are available from this website.

Guide to the Budget Papers

Guide to the Budget Papers (PDF 250kb)
Guide to the Budget Papers (DOCX 98kb)

Budget Overview

Budget Overview (PDF 111kb)
Budget Overview (DOCX 64kb)

Budget Paper 1: Treasurer's Speech

Treasurer's Speech (PDF 80kb)
Treasurer's Speech (DOCX 34kb)

Budget Paper 2: Budget Statement

Budget Statement (PDF 1.43mb)
Budget Statement (DOCX 628kb)

Budget Paper 3: Budget Estimates

Budget Estimates (PDF 3.04mb)
Budget Estimates (DOCX 930kb)

Note: The budget information papers are published in both Word and PDF. PDF files are donated by this icon PDF icon. To view them you will need to download the free Adobe Reader external site icon if you do not have Adobe installed on your computer.