Ministerial Direction No 4 - Construction requirements for a community fire refuge


Ministerial Direction No. 4 applies to public construction of community fire refuges undertaken by Victorian government departments and public bodies after 1 August 2012.

Ministerial Direction 4 to the Project Development and Construction Management Act 1994 (PDCM Act) establishes the standards applicable to the public construction of “community fire refuges”. The objective of Ministerial Direction 4 is to ensure that departments and public bodies only support the establishment of safe and purpose-built structures that meet the requirements to be designated as a community fire refuge in accordance with the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.

Ministerial Direction No. 4 was originally adopted with effect from 1 August 2012 and, along with the associated guidance issued by the Secretary pursuant to the PDCM Act, established interim standards intended to remain in place until a national standard directly relevant to the construction of a community fire refuge was developed. Emergency Management Victoria was involved in the development of the national standard and has recently issued Construction and Project Management Guidelines for community fire refuges based on the national standard and the outcomes of EMV’s pilot programme (EMV Guide). 

With effect from 1 October 2015, Ministerial Direction No. 4 has been amended to provide that the EMV Guide (as it may be updated from time to time) is the applicable standard for public construction of community fire refuges.

The EMV website contains more information about Community Fire Refuges and the EMV Guide.

Ministerial Direction No. 4 (DOCX 20kb), as effective from 1 October 2015.

Construction & Project Management Guidelines for Community Fire Refuge.