Strategic Management Framework


The Strategic Management Framework (SMF) is a framework that replaced the Integrated Management Cycle.

The SMF has enhanced capacity and reach, including a broader focus beyond the annual budget process and a strengthening of key management actions such as analysis and evaluation.

The SMF addresses the limitations of its predecessor by extending its application beyond departments to include other public bodies. It shifts the focus from management activities structured around new funding to using existing financial management practices more efficiently.

Reflecting best practice, the SMF is structured around six core elements:

  • analyse;
  • plan;
  • allocate resources;
  • implement and monitor;
  • evaluate; and
  • report.

The SMF highlights the importance of the analysis and evaluation stages, strengthening the integration of performance information into central decision making and driving value for money.

A key component of the SMF is its ability to be applied to any entity, regardless of size. The SMF is designed to be used as a tool to improve planning processes and capability across the whole of the Victorian Government.


Strategic Management Framework guide (PDF 711kb)

Strategic Management Framework guide (DOC 675kb)