Benefit delivery


Provides a continuous focus on benefits during the implementation of an investment and determines whether the expected benefits were delivered.

Business context

The only reason an organisation makes an investment is to obtain some benefit. This is the prime consideration of investment decision-makers when considering an investment proposal.

People seeking new funding for their proposed investment must articulate the benefits the investment is expecting to deliver.

Once funded, with the inevitable challenges and stresses that occur as the investment is implemented, the focus on benefits is often lost.

This is exacerbated by the historic difficulty in measuring and tracking benefits and evaluating the real effectiveness of an investment.

Benefits of using this practice

The use of these practices will:

  • drive more benefit from a funded investment;
  • validate the success of a completed investment;
  • provide lessons that will inform the shaping of future investments; and
  • support better decision making.

General approach

There are two steps involved, however they do assume that a benefit management plan was previously developed using the practice Shape a new investment.

Diagram that shows the steps involved in monitoring and measuring the expected benefits

The outputs of these steps are: